Embellish Empire
A Great pair of shoes can change your whole life!

About the Owner

She Works Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Embellishment, Rhinestone and Pearl adorned products.

Meme is the Owner and Chief Designer of Embellish Empire…
She is a Breast Cancer Survivor who refused to lie down and die. While she’s had and continues to undergo struggles, she’s turned lemons into lemonade and used those struggles to push herself to be more! She is a Master Rhinestone Artist who began creating as a hobby during the (COVID) pandemic. Not only did this “hobby” give her something to do, it was the key that opened a world of creativity. Over time crafting grew to not only be a love but a longing to revolutionize how people saw themselves “in” art. Her passion to create began with 3D paintings with an emphasis on child art until the creations left the canvas and became art for your feet. While she does all kinds of rhinestone art, she thrives from creating shoes that transform one’s outfit to an Embellished Ensemble Experience.
Isaiah 61: 3
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